What could policymakers do with $342 billion?

Give every taxpayer a 22% cut on their income taxes

The federal government spends $1 trillion on health care every year — 5.6% of our national GDP.

One-third of all health care spending, $342 billion of taxpayer money is spent on wasteful, unnecessary patient care.

What could policymakers do with $342 billion?

  • Return it to the taxpayers by cutting income taxes by 22%
  • Surge job growth by eliminating the corporate income tax
  • Revitalize national infrastructure with a 350% increase in the federal infrastructure spending
  • Increase the budget for the National Institutes of Health ten-fold
  • Pay down the national debt
  • Double the budgets for the Department of Energy, Justice, Homeland Security, State, Veterans Affairs, and the National Institutes of Health.

It’s time to get serious about accelerating value-based health care.



Health care costs are strangling the economy, particularly U.S. businesses, which are the engines of job growth and innovation. The United States consistently ranks way above peer nations in health care spending, but also ranks way behind in health care outcomes.


By infusing more market forces into health care through value-based care, the U.S. can decrease costs while improving care quality, which will make resources available for reinvestment into the economy through jobs, research and other national priorities.

Value-based care provides the U.S. with the greatest chance to curb costs in the least amount of time.

Value-based care aligns payment of health care to care quality and outcomes. Value-based care is built on market principles of informed choice, competition, consumer empowerment and paying for quality over quantity—value over volume.

Value-based care delivers results for patients, providers, employers, government and the U.S. economy.

  • Patients receive better care and can make more informed choices
  • Providers are rewarded for doing the right thing for their patients and achieving superior outcomes
  • Purchasers are paying for what works and have a vehicle to control costs
The result is that businesses can invest in jobs and innovation, the American economy becomes stronger, and we can invest in important national priorities that will make America the greatest country in the world again.

The Case for Change