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The DRIVE Health Initiative

Deliver Results, Innovation and Value for Everyone

If President Trump and the Republican-controlled Congress aim to ensure the long-term growth of the American economy, they must take bold action to reduce health care costs.

Without fundamentally changing the way they pay for and manage government-funded healthcare programs, any economic revitalization will be short-lived.

There is no better or more proven solution than value-based care to accomplish these goals.

And there is no more authoritative voice to make this assertion than the Fortune 500 companies that have launched innovative programs that reduced costs and improved the quality of care for their employees and families.

Action from employers alone is not enough to deliver the pace and scale of change needed;government leadership is necessary. The efforts of patients, providers and purchasers to operate under the market-based principles of free and informed choice will be inhibited unless government action is taken.

Led by employer groups The ERISA Industry Committee (ERIC) and the Pacific Business Group  on Health (PBGH), DRIVE Health – Deliver Results, Innovation and Value for Everyone –   is a campaign to decrease costs, improve quality and strengthen the economy by urging the federal government to implement policies that promote value-based care.

Explore our website to learn more about value-based care, the real-world innovations that inform DRIVE Health and what must be done to accelerate adoption.

Rationale behind Value-based Care

The current health care system has too much waste, too little care coordination and too expensive. With value-based care we can make health care an effective market again.

Innovations in Value-based Care

Many large employers and other purchasers have developed successful strategies for controlling cost and improving quality through innovations in provider payment, delivery system improvement and consumer engagement.

DRIVE Health Policy Blueprint

Action from employers alone is not enough to deliver the pace and scale of change needed; government leadership is also necessary.